From project consultation to on-site reviews to delivery and installation, we provide a full palette of top-quality customer care. We can even train your plastination staff in our facilities before we deliver your equipment, or we can conduct training after delivery, at your own laboratory.

Preliminary consultation

• Consultation on different methods of plastination

  (e.g., before a new laboratory is to be set up)

• Consultation to determine your specific needs,

  taking into account your plastination experience level,

  existing devices and chemicals, and the layout and

  capabilities of your premises

• Consultation on specific projects regarding the use

  of chemicals and devices


• Review of the compatibility of your premises with

  your plastination needs, with specific estimates

  provided as needed

• On-site confirmation of compatibility of your premises

  with equipment requirements

• Creation of an action plan for your organization

  for preparation for device delivery/installation


• Device unpacking and installation

• Functionality testing

• Staff instruction on device operation

• Certification of installation


• Training of staff involved in plastination processes

• Training in common plastination processes

• Special training as required for your specific needs

• Analysis of your processes and recommendation

  of potential improvements


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